Why India?

After years of extensive world travel, I’ve found no destination remotely comparable to India. Even as an experienced world traveler, this enchanting land took me by surprise. Mind you I’ve lived in a small African village without plumbing and electricity. I’ve tracked rhinos in Zimbabwe. I’ve shopped the flea markets in Kuwait. Where else in the world can you drive down the street and see a family of five next to you on a motorcycle, while passing rickshaws on one side, large trucks on the other, an ox pulled cart behind you and all of them stopping because a cow has wandered across the highway? Discarding previous misconceptions, I realized India isn’t simply a land of overcrowding and poverty. Possessing the welcoming nature of visiting long-lost friends, India offers visitors a whole new perception of life that they will never be able to experience anywhere else in the world.

Still, the India experience can also be one of frustration to the western traveler, especially one accustomed to a structured travel itinerary. When embarking on a journey to a culture entirely unlike our own, the prepared traveler needs an experienced guide. One Love Tours is this guide.

As the world’s second most populous country, and the world’s seventh largest country in area, whether it’s a vacation of leisure, sightseeing, or adventure you are after, India can offer it, and we want to help. Not only is India a wonderful destination for a vacation, but it is also a destination that will force you to look at your life and everything you know as “normal”. Its “life lessons” will evoke many emotions, from disbelief and annoyance to love, compassion and astonishment.

Foreign travel can be full of uncertainties, but I’ve never felt anything but safe and secure in India. With over a billion people spread throughout all types of geography, from the Himalayas to secluded beaches, bustling cities to small villages, it has a great deal to offer every traveler.
One Love Tours is eager to set up a once in a lifetime trip for you, the traveler who wants to experience India. We will take care of the details, make sure you feel safe and secure, show you the local flavor everywhere we go, and ensure you have a trip of a lifetime.

-Your Friend,
Steve Howson

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