A key component in any trip is deciding where to stay and how to make the arrangements. This is particularly true in India. You could book with a reputable hotel chain domestically, but that may lead to American prices and missed opportunities to benefit from favorable exchange rates. On the other hand, working with Indian tour operators presents its own set of risks. Many local companies prioritize commission over comfort, placing clients in accommodations benefiting the company before the customer.

One Love Tours bridges both options to provide the ideal combination of local knowledge and customer-first quality. Let our experience and insight become yours as we assess locations, inspect rooms, and meet with managers in order to ensure our recommendations are perfectly in line with your requests. Whether you seek five-star, royal treatment, the relaxed comfort of a three-star accommodation, or simply a place to stop for the night, we’ve got you covered.

Our staff has traveled extensively throughout India in a range of areas, establishing a network of close connections along the way. We place the utmost emphasis on offering unique experiences in ideal settings, allowing you the opportunity to find yourself in places rarely seen by most tourists. One Love Tours gives you the chance to interact with local families as part of a guesthouse or homestay, or fall asleep amid hundreds of years of history in an ancient palace. Through it all we provide a true taste of India, local and unique, full of character and charm, that offers the most for your money...and memories to last a lifetime.

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